Who are the D20Nomads

We are a family of 5 who went from the “normal” world of a house, backyard, summer vacations, and 9-5 job into the world of full time RV travel.

When Michael and Christi got married, we started off family life much like other Americans; working full time in jobs that we didn’t like, paying a mortgage on a house that was falling apart, racking up debt, and trying to figure out life with kids.  After a few unfortunate life events, we were forced to cut back on our spending.  We found out that we didn’t really miss those material items and that the journey and experiences were really what mattered.  We began to explore even more changes to accommodate these new realizations.  We implemented a radical unschooling lifestyle, learned new skills in order to become self sufficient, and cleared all of our debt to make a vow that we would live frugally, all while being awesomely geeky.

These changes led us to more realizations.  We wanted more.  We didn’t want more material things.  We wanted more experiences and joy in our lives.  We wanted our children to experience more than South Georgia had to offer.  We want our family and happiness to be priority, not squeezed in after work and on weekends.    We considered several options, but after reading some inspiring stories of other families on the road, we knew without a doubt, that was the life we were looking for.
This is the story of our journey.  Our journey to full time travel, to freedom, to happiness.  We’d love to have you along for the ride.

Meet the D20 Family:

Michael and Christi

Michael (dad) – A jack of all trades, a father, a husband, a friend, and an all around awesome guy.  I enjoy anything sports ball related, the outdoors, and gaming; from board games, video games, card games, and  everything else in between.  No problem is unsolvable and no obstacle impossible.  There is always a solution to a problem and I am always determined to find it.

Christi (mom) – I’m a birth doula, surrogate mother, crafter, clay maker, crochet maker, gardener, reader, gamer, and professional dabbler.  I love to try my hand at new things and test the limits of my knowledge and abilities.


Alisa (daughter #1) – Alisa plays soccer and the flute.  She is an avid Harry Potter fan, and loves little kids.  She has her own budding family now which keeps her very busy.  She does not travel with us but we always find time to stop and see her.


Trinity (daughter #2) – Trinity is our little extrovert social butterfly.  She loves being around people and thrives off of being on the go and having new adventures.  Her interests include gaming, singing, science experiments, Doctor Who, you tube, and trying to stay awake until the sun comes up.


Avery (daughter #3) – Avery is our little introvert.  She doesn’t mind socializing on her terms, but is perfectly content to stay at home most days. She loves gaming, Minecraft, You Tube, playing with LEGOs, using tools, and cooking.  Avery is always looking to learn something new and will stay determined and persistent through the end.


Lilith (the dog) – Lilith is our awesome travel dog.  She is a mutt and super friendly to everyone.  Lilith is always happy to clean up any food spills in the house and loves to snuggle up on the couch with the family.


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  1. Hey Michael, Christi and the rest of you ladies! Our own traveling family runs a web mag called Wand’rly, and we’re always looking out for other families on the road who’s stories we can share. We’re all about inspiring folks who are still on the fence to see how those of us who’ve made it happen did so. Want to participate? That is, in an interview?

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