Meet Floki!

Wow!  It is finally here!  We have finally purchased an RV.  It is still surreal that our dreams are happening.  We have had a lot of setbacks over the last six months but despite Plan A, Plan B, and even Plan C falling through, we still made it happen.
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We’ve been pouring through RV classifieds for months now.  We’ve looked at quite a few, but there was always something that didn’t fit.  Either the price was out of our range or the RV had damage that we couldn’t fix.  After getting our taxes back and realizing that it was less than we had expected, it really started to take a toll on our spirits.  We continued to pour through RV ads from all of the surrounding states. We came upon a converted school bus in Panama City. Since we have several friends who have successfully converted skoolies into living quarters, we decided it was worth going to take a look. From the pictures online, it looked like it was in great shape. We got up early and took the 3 1/2 hour trek to see the bus. The bus was nothing like the pictures. Oh, it had really nice cabinets, but the fridge was not in it, the other drawers were torn off of the walls, no electricity and the owner was definitely a smoker who had no hesitation lighting up on the bus while our kids were inside. We were feeling a bit bummed, but as we were getting ready to head out, we got a phone call. This guy said he had a 1988 Ford Jamboree. It was in our price range, but from looking at previous RVs, we didn’t have a lot of hope. We decided to ride by and take a look since we were already in the area. We were blown away. The RV was in better shape than anything we had seen so far. Besides a few cosmetic issues, it was perfect.  Everyone was sold immediately.  We took a moment to go grab some lunch and talk it over.  Lunch couldn’t get over quick enough.  We went back and made an offer that was lower than what we were looking to spend.  The owner accepted and we drove our new RV home that evening.  She was a beauty on the road and took the 4 hour road trip with no issues.

We’re so excited and now our dreams feel real!  We can’t wait to get on the road!

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