Preparing to leave

Wow!  For the longest while, it seemed that June 1st was so far away and we were sitting in a waiting pattern.  Waiting for our tax money.  Waiting to get an RV.  Waiting to find jobs.  A lot of waiting.  Now that we have our RV, life is a whirlwind of activity and it seems like there are obstacles constantly being thrown in our path.

Getting the RV registered into our name turned into a fiasco.  The original owner was from Arizona and Arizona is one of the few states that requires the title to be notarized in order to transfer it over.  The owner didn’t realize it needed a notary and had signed it over to us upon purchase.  We’ve never dealt with titles needing notarization before, so it didn’t even occur to us to check.  Michael took the title down to the DMV and was promptly turned away.  After a mild panic attack, we were able to track down the original owner and he was nice enough to get a notarized title to us in the  mail.  Problem one – solved.

Originally, we had planned on staying in the house that we rent until June 30th.  Michael has to finish out his contract with the school, which means we have to stay in the area until the end of May.  We figured that would give us plenty of time to downsize our belongings, and prepare to hit the road.  We started the process of purging, moving all of the items that we wanted to sell into the dining room, and all of the items that we planned on keeping into one of the bedrooms.  Basically, piles of shit everywhere.  I’m still wondering why we ever thought we needed half of that junk lovely items for sale. A week and a half ago, we had a realtor show up on our door step informing us that our landlord was putting the house on the market.  What?  We showed him the house and told him that there was no way the house would be show ready any time soon.  “Aww, that’s no problem! We won’t show the house until you guys are gone.  Everything’s FINE!”  -_-  <— My not amused face.  That week, we had THREE couples come over wanting to see the house.  What a pain in the ass.  After some discussion, researching, and more discussion, Michael and I decided that we would go ahead and put in our 30 day notice at this house.  We found a nice RV park in town that will allow us to save money while Michael is still working and we won’t have to deal with realtors and homebuyers.  While we feel good about this decision, it means that we have to speed up the purging process.  Fortunately, everything is sorted and ready to go.  We just need to get it all sold.  Problem two – almost solved.

Purging clothes. Kid not included

Purging clothes. Kid not included

Another problem that we are encountering is the issue of a vehicle. Currently, we have a minivan.  We bought it 2 years ago and we can’t sell it privately because we owe more than it is worth.  However, we can’t keep it, because it is too heavy to be towed behind the RV.  Ideally, we would like to trade the van in for something that we could tow, but we haven’t been able to find anything that is a good fit.  Floki can only tow a maximum of 3500lbs, and any car that is light enough to be towed, is too small to fit 4 people into.  Michael has been researching the crap out of options for us though so I’m sure we will figure it out soon.  Problem three – unresolved.

Even with all of the issues that we have encountered, we are still upbeat and happy about our future.  We are so excited to get on the road.  We’ve set an official launch date of June 1st.  Our first stop will be in the mountains of NC to do some white water rafting and hiking.  We’ll continue to the Virginia area to visit with some old friends, visit Williamsburg, then head to DC.  This fall, we hope to stay in PA for a while so that we can visit family and get a taste of some seasons other than summer, super hot summer, and ermergersh I’m melting summer.  After that, we will see where the road takes us!

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