Ready, Set, Launch!

It’s here!  It’s here!  It’s here!  We have finally moved into the RV! The D20 Nomads are mobile!  Here is an update on life up to this point.

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Floki’s first park

Originally, we had planned on staying in our sticks and bricks house until June of 2015 so that Michael could finish out the school year and we would have plenty of time to purge and sell all of our household stuff.  We started sorting through everything, moving items that we wanted to get rid of into the dining room and items that we were keeping into one of the bedrooms.  Our landlord, however, decided that he had other plans.  A real estate agent showed up to let us know that our landlord was putting the house on the market.  Things were a mess; not the “oh we have company coming over” mess, but the “where the heck did that tornado come from?” mess.  Confusion and time suddenly accelerated.  The real estate agent was under the assumption that we were moving out by April even though the rental agency that we had our lease through was completely unaware that the house was going on the market.  We had stuff  everywhere so the house was nowhere near show ready.  Despite being told that the house wouldn’t show until after we had moved out, four people showed up to view the house the first week that it was put on the market; most of whom came without notification.  It was clear that we needed to get out and much quicker than we first had planned.  We panicked a bit, but after recovering from the initial shock that we had less time than we had thought, weeks instead of months, a game plan was soon formed.

We put in our 30 day notice with the rental agency and got to work on purging the house.  We had three weeks of yard sales and gave away everything else that we wouldn’t be taking with us.  Wow, it was a LOT of stuff!  Why did we ever need all of that stuff and where and how did we even acquire it?  We decided to stay at a local RV park during the last two months of Michael’s school.  This actually worked out in our favor because the monthly rent was less than our house rent and all utilities are included.  We would be able to save quite a bit by staying in the RV Park for those two months.  We did our move out inspection on a Monday, which could be a whole new blog by itself, and headed over to the park.  It was exciting and nerve wracking at the same time.  So many questions flew around us as we drove the short distance to the park.  Are we sure we want to do this?  Are we ready to do this?  Are we going to be ok?  Did we get rid of enough?  Where are we going to put the stuff we have left?  All of it didn’t matter though, the time had arrived and we were GOING to make it work.

We are a family that has gotten used to figuring stuff out and overcoming obstacles along the way.  We are not a family accustomed to having things fall our way or even right into our lap.  We got to the park and found our assigned space, and within 15 minutes of being here, the lady who works in the office came by to see if we would be interested cleaning the bath house in exchange for free rent.  We had planned on looking into workamping while on the road, so having an opportunity to workamp fall in our laps was very exciting.  We agreed eagerly.

Setting up took some time since we were brand spanking new and really had no idea what we were doing.  Our RV neighbors were very friendly though and offered assistance and advice.  This has been a huge learning curve and experience; both setting up the RV and learning to navigate inside the confined space.  We’ve been bumping into things and each other but everyday gets better and we are figuring it out.  You would think that in such a small area nothing would get lost and we would be able to find what we needed.  That particular theory is so far not working for us as we keep losing things regardless of the space.  Figuring out the best set up for beds, computers, and everything else that we need has been an evolving experience, but it is taking shape and new ideas are coming to us as we experiment with the RV.  We’re already planning on taking two chairs out to add more storage space and turn it into a little entertainment area to better accommodate our electronics addiction.  I really think all those years of playing Tetris has finally paid off.

A week has gone by and it really feels like home now.  All hook ups, both inside and out, are connected and functioning properly and some of the small fixes have been completed to boot.  We have found a rhythm and routine during the day and even the night time getting ready for bed has become smooth.  The family has adjusted and figured it out.  The girls are enjoying the new areas to explore and bike ride, Mommy and daddy are enjoying the new atmosphere and experience, and the family is enjoying the new sense of togetherness.  Even in the small space, we have all found our little niches and somewhat quiet places to retreat to when we need a break.  Every day is a new one and we are excited to greet each new challenge and adventure with a new found vigor and confidence.  It has only been a week, but it has been a very good start to our new life.

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  1. I have given serious thought to doing something similar. I would be nice to take our home with us wherever we go. There is a nice campground nearby we just discovered which could really be our “home base”. There are a couple of large mobile homes/trailers there which are obviously there for the long haul. They even had hay bales under their trailer and tarp around their picnic areas. Very nicely set up though.

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