Whoa! It’s Almost October!

Wow!  Three months has passed since we last blogged?  Where did that time go?  Something something having fun I guess.  Update time!

We spent the summer in Pennsylvania.  We toured Amish country, we went to Dutch Wonderland, we saw knights jousting at the PA Renaissance Faire, we sampled delicious foods, we hiked through Gettysburg, we ate cheesesteaks in Philly, we saw the Liberty Bell and toured Independence Hall, we ate ice cream, and we met new friends.  Life was going full speed but we had a blast.  11813439_1601871436728897_1882384675835078860_n

We are slowing down a bit and staying in Campbellsville, KY for the rest of the year.  While we love our adventures, we also must fund our travels and one of the ways that we are doing so is by working through the Amazon Camperforce program.  During the peak holiday season, Amazon hires RVers to work in their distribution warehouses.  Amazon provides free campsites as well as hourly wages.  Michael has been working since August and Christi will be starting on the night shift next week.  We are staying at the local state park during our time here.  The campground sits right on the lake and the view is fantastic.  The best part of all is that there are currently 3 other families here.  We were a little worried that our kids would run out of playmates once the summer was over, but we didn’t need to worry.  So far, there are a total of 14 kids between the 4 families so the girls have an endless amount of friends to play with.

We decided that this was also a great time to start up Game Day since we will be stationary for a while.  We made some great friends through The Geek Society and would get together every Sunday for tabletop games.  We contacted the local comic shop and they were thrilled to host our event.  We’ve been meeting every Saturday and we had about 16 people at last week’s event.  We can’t wait to see it grow and we hope that it will continue after we leave.  11071079_1618907165025324_7193217897076392088_n

We’re still discussing where we want to go after the holidays but we know we want to go out west.  Where ever our journey takes us, we know that we are loving the nomadic lifestyle!

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