Meet Lilith!


Meet Lilith! We’ve added a new traveling partner to our group. Lilith was rescued by the Humane Society. She was pregnant when they found her and heartworm positive. Unfortunately, she was so sick that the puppies didn’t make it. She spent several months in treatment and recovery and was eventually deemed ready for adoption. Lilith was a very timid and shy dog, which didn’t attract many suitors. She was passed by for weeks in favor of puppies and more energetic dogs. That changed as soon as Avery met her.

We had been looking at dogs for a few weeks in anticipation of adding a new family member, but hadn’t found the right fit yet. Avery sat in front of Lilith’s cage and gently, Lilith walked over and licked Avery on the hand. It was love at first lick. Up until this point, Avery didn’t want anything to do with any of the dogs. They were too noisy, or too jumpy, or too bitey. She preferred looking at the fish. Avery looked at us in absolute wonder and said, “She licked me!”. She looked at Lilith again, gave her a pet, and she turned to us once again and said “This one. We’re getting this one.” Two days later, the adoption papers were completed and Lilith spent her first night as a nomadic dog.

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Lilith has been a fantastic addition and is really starting to let her personality shine. She loves to play fetch and lick faces. She is a quick learner and is starting to pick up basic commands. Lilith adores everyone in the family and spends most of her nights snuggled to one of the kids. We’re happy to have her a part of our family!

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